Minimalist’s Wellness Rituals

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I wanted to talk about easy & executable ways to achieve wellness in our day-to-day life. It’s not to build the best-shaped body or the most youthful skin — more for average Janes & Joes to produce enough happiness to get by every day, with minimal but timely effort (because we’re busy bees).

Do I have authority? Certainly, I’m no Ph.D. of Wellness. Therefore, my journal focuses on sharing what’s been working for me and how I developed my own wellness rituals. I hope my story helps some folks develop their own unique ways, rather than copying mine. Love to be challenged also, as my rituals constantly evolve based on firsthand experiences as well as the advice of others.

So what’s ‘Wellness?’

For me, it’s one of the two fuels for the journey of a ‘Happy Life,’ and is just as essential as the other fuel, ‘Finances.’ It’s much more than drinking matcha and practicing yoga. Definitely a necessity than a luxury.

In New York, a city of many people’s envy, I’ve seen more people who live a rich and/or successful but unhappy life, than expected. That’s when I realised the wellness in life would not be provided by itself, just by becoming rich or successful. So, I started developing wellness rituals that could be made with resources given to me here & now. These rituals aim to pursue a ‘balance’ between physical, mental, emotional, & intellectual wellness ‘daily’ & ‘consciously.’

For a long time, I’ve observed myself as if it’s a third-party, and created these physical, mental, emotional, & intellectual wellness rituals one by one. Let me share a few by category.


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